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A member and student of the Ivana Chubbuck Studios since 2005, I am fortunate to have worked on the Chubbuck Technique with Ivana herself at the Master Class level, but also with three of the Studio's teachers. In 2018, I had the pleasure of self-publishing La Force de l'acteur : manuel pour l'analyse de texte. It is the only French translation of The Power of the Actor sanctioned by Ivana Chubbuck, and Ivana Chubbuck Studios. It is available worldwide through Amazon and iBooks.

Over the years, I saw Ivana and her team empower us and guide us to find our strengths – us actors, directors and screenwriters… An actor's search for behaviour that I had not seen with other great teachers and at other schools in New York, Los Angeles or Mexico. Seeing them trigger such amazing transformations in us and our work awoke a desire in me to teach and empower others. I became one of the earliest students to complete the Teacher’s Training Program and, since November 2008, Ivana Chubbuck Studios, Inc. certifies that the quality of my services (workshops, classes or coaching) is according to the high standards of the Studio in Los Angeles.

* Access to workshops and classes is by invitation only.
For more information or if you wish to participate in a class or workshop,
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